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Article about me on Fujifilm Blog

I'm happy to share with you my story, which just have been published on Fujifilm blog. In the article I share some thoughts about photography overall, equipment I use and my style. Hope you will find it interesting. Click here to read.

Adelaide CBD walk

I've just got a new 27mm lens for my Fuji XT-2 and decided to give it a small test drive at lunch time walking around the Adelaide CBD area. I was shooting pretty much everything that seemed interesting to me including people, architecture and streets. Here is the result.

Autumn in Hahndorf, Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Autumn has come to Hahndorf German Viilage which is located just a few minutes away from the city in the Adelaide Hills region. Main street painted by mother nature into all possible varieties of of autumn colours. I was lucky to capture this state of the season right after the rain, when many people were staying inside the shops and restaurants allowing to [...]

Glenelg Beach Sunset - 18.03.2017

I do a lot of walk around Adelaide but I don't post much photos about them. So a few friends suggested that it will be good to post some photos from them on my website. I think it's a good idea and here are a few photos from today. Enjoy.